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Alumni of SLC (1)
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Excellent Graduates of SiliconLakeCollege

Chen Xiaohui, graduate of 2002, majoring in Construction Cost. He serves as the general manager of Hangzhou Branch of Shanghai Shen Yuan Architectural Decoration Engineering Ltd.  


Lu Aishen, graduate of 2006, majoring in Construction Management. He serves as the general manager of Shanghai Zhengchuan Architectural Decoration Engineering Ltd.  


Zhu Zhefeng, graduate of 2007, majoring in Automobile Application Technology. He serves as the general manager of Ningbo Yuantong Auto Sales Service Company, LTD.  


He Lu, graduate of 2012, majoring in International Business. She set up an online shop in Taobao and Wechat, mainly engaged in the sales of specialty in Jingjiang, imported snacks, French castel wine and various cakes.  

Zong Guanghua, graduate of 2014, majoring in Industrial and Commercial Business Management. He set up Xiaoxian Zongguanghua Household Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. .  

Zhu Kun, graduate of 2002, majoring in Engineering Supervision. He serves as the vice general manager of Hangzhou Branch of Anpeng Construction Project Management Ltd in Jiangsu Province.

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