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College-Enterprise Cooperation Introduction

To speed up the construction of modern vocational education system, higher vocational education plays an important role in the transformation of the mode of economic growth, improvement the quality of the laborers, focusing on "National Entrepreneurship, People Innovation" and building a learning society; Efforts to serve the regional economy, social development, cultivate qualified applied talents, especially the high skilled talents - "fusion of production and education, university-enterprise cooperation education" is the inevitable choice of higher vocational education reform and development.

Since its founding, Silicon Lake, has been adhering to the philosophy of  "social needs is the direction of running schools, the enterprises’ satisfaction is the quality standards,  adapting to economy is the college development", the concept of " university-enterprise cooperation, integration of production and education, quality education, emphasis on practice" is used to build the school characteristics, and make unremitting efforts to cultivate applied compound talents with entrepreneurship consciousness.

For Seventeen years, SLC believes in combination with school running and enterprises.  In university-enterprise cooperation, it follows the principle of the voluntary consultation, complementary advantages, benefit sharing and it adheres to the guidance of market demand and employment promotion, to realize the combination of production, teaching and scientific research. To carry out a full range of practice and exploration in talents training and staff training, and technical service of science and technology innovation, resource sharing and mutual development, and so on.  At present, the number of cooperation enterprises which signed agreements and established good relations with us is more than 170.

For seventeen years, SLC has formed certain accumulation in integration teaching and production, college-enterprise cooperation. SLC has cooperated with the enterprises in the professional setting, curriculum development, enterprise practice base construction, teacher training, practice and employment, quality evaluation and so on.  It has also hired the industry experts and enterprise management, technical backbone to be the professional teachers or guide tutors who participate in the college teaching reform; and the SLC provides graduate students and internship students to the cooperative enterprises in priority.

For seventeen years, enterprises also actively provide students and teachers of SLC training venues, equipment facilities. They arrange guidance personnel to participate in field work. to provide chance for college professional teachers to promote their professional ability and career experience. Some enterprises have set up the scholarships, grants, research grants which provide the real help to enhance students' professional ability and the employment competitive power.

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